Our curriculum is designed to meet our principal aim, which is to enable every student to reengage and achieve in learning at a suitable level to their ability and their start point at the school.

Our intention is:

  • To have a broad, balanced and holistic curriculum which provides a range of academic and vocational pathways (with recognised qualifications) to further education, training and employment whilst also providing therapeutic and pastoral support to enable them to develop as an individual.
  • To have a curriculum which is flexible enough to respond to the need for change and provide individualised programmes where required.
  • To help students acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities, including those of problem solving and decision making whilst developing resilience to overcome hurdles, cope with setbacks and learn from their mistakes.
  • To help students understand the world in which they live.
  • To foster the skills and understanding needed for the students to take their place successfully in modern British society.
  • To understand and respect social, moral, spiritual and cultural themes.


Bespoke Requirements

New Forest School prides itself on having the flexibility to offer bespoke timetables where required to suit the needs of the students. These can be on a short term or longer term basis.

New Forest School will also endeavour to provide courses not listed where a particular need arises – for example one of our students undertook a Russian GCSE where prior experience and ability highlighted a need.

Careers Advice

All Key Stage 4 students receive individualised support and careers advice to aid their progression into further education or career/training pathways.