KS3 Religious Education

At KS3 our young people will study 3 different religions.

  • Year 7 – Hinduism
  • Year 8 – Christianity
  • Year 9 – Buddhism.

Each element follows a similar course of study which enables our young people to compare each religions as they progress.  They explore the following areas;

  • What each believe
  • Where their beliefs believe
  • What it means to belong to each faith
  • Raising questions, Exploring Answers
  • Beliefs in Actions.

We explore each unit with the help of ‘The Living Faith’ series and can be followed on kerboodle, which allows us to meet various families who give us an insight into each religion and what it means to them.  We are also in contact with the local Hindu,  Buddhist Temples who have agreed to come in and meet our young people and talk to them about what their religion means to them and their life as a Hindu and Buddhist in Britain today.

We also have contact with a local Christian Bike organisation who come into school and talk to our young people about Christianity and what it means to be a Christian not only in today’s society in Britain, but from a social background where those on the outside have stereotypical ideas.

We encourage our young people to express their ideas and consider their own beliefs as well as comparing and question alternative beliefs and  ideas to their own.