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KS4 Physical Education

Curriculum Content

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Key Stage 3 Physical Education

Curriculum Content

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Our World


  • to develop the range and consistency of their skills
  • to devise and use rules
  • to use and adapt tactics in different situations
  • to recognise which activities help their speed, strength and stamina
  • to recognise when speed, strength and stamina are important in games

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  • to develop the range of actions, body shapes and balances they include in a performance.
  • to perform skills and actions more accurately and consistently.
  • to use compositional devices when creating their sequences, such as changes in speed, level and direction
  • to describe how the body reacts during different types of activity, and how this affects the way they perform

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Health and fitness

  • to understand why warming up and cooling down are important
  • to understand why exercise is good for health, fitness and well-being
  • how to become healthier themselves
  • How exercise affects the body in the short-term.

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  • To develop the range and consistency of their skills, especially in specific striking and fielding games.
  • To use and adapt rules, strategies, and tactics, using their knowledge of basic principles of batting and fielding.
  • To evaluate strengths and weaknesses in their own and others’ performances and suggest improvements.

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  • to develop the consistency of their actions in a number of events
  • to increase the number of techniques they use
  • To evaluate their own and others’ work and suggest ways to improve it.

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Best of British

Tennis/Badminton (weather dependent)

  • To develop the range and consistency of their skills, especially in specific types of shot (volley, backhand, forehand and serving))
  • Compare their performance with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.
  • To develop knowledge of the rules in tennis.


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